Security, Health, and Debugging of WordPress Websites

Instructor: Sama,

Number of Sessions: 13 Sessions

Security, health, and debugging of WordPress websites course sections:

    • Web Hosting Purchasing Principles;
    • Familiarity with the database;
    • Familiarity with the structure of WordPress files;
    • Fix WordPress health section errors;
    • Fix inactive website errors;
    • Check the most important database tables and manage accounts and passwords through them;
    • Manage plugins and identify and remove inefficient plugins;
    • Review WordPress security solutions;
    • Types of attacks and ways to prevent them;
    • Familiarity with different types of hackers;
    • Familiarity with website security analysis tools;
    • Familiarity with security monitoring tools (plugins, backups, Google tools, etc.);
    • Create user logs in WordPress;
    • Principles of determining the level of access for different user roles.

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