Pentagon Website Monitoring Training Course (Principles of Managing Website Team for Managers)

Instructor: Sama,

Number of Sessions: 12 Sessions

Pentagon Website Monitoring Training Course Sections:

* First side: infrastructure (familiarity with the structural concepts of the website)

      • Domain types and their characteristics;
      • Web hosting and all kinds of hosts and servers;
      • Database and its application;
      • Familiarity with the Content Management System and its history;
      • The difference between proprietary coding and the use of content management systems;
      • Familiarity with the host provider panel and its control panel (C Panel and Direct Admin).

* Second side: interface and user experience (UI and UX)

      • Psychological principles of colors and the attractiveness of the website;
      • Performing branding of colors, logos, and slogans of the organization in different sections of the website;
      • Responsiveness of the website and how to analyze and monitor compatibility with different screens;
      • Ease of access to different sections and principles of optimal content layout;
      • Principles of marketing in the design of home pages, landing pages, email templates, etc.;
      • Use well-known e-commerce tools to influence the shopping experience and turn potential customers into loyal customers.

* Third side: Security

      • The necessity and principles of backing up the database and the content of the website;
      • Familiarity with different types of hackers;
      • Familiarity with the types of attacks and ways to prevent them;
      • Introduction of website security analysis tool;
      • Monitoring website security with the tools introduced and explaining how they work;
      • Troubleshoot and fix possible future errors.

* Fourth side: Speed

      • Introduction of speed analysis tools;
      • Familiarity with cache capability and how to use it;
      • Introduction to CDN;
      • Check for errors displayed by the speed analysis tool and monitor their correction;
      • Website optimization strategies and their permanent management.

* Fifth side: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      • The importance of content and the need to optimize website content;
      • Introducing various types of content and strategies for producing quality content;
      • Website optimization for humans and robots;
      • Familiarity with Google algorithms and how to search the website;
      • Connecting websites to social networks and quick marketing;
      • SEO analysis methods and tools;
      • SEO tools and principles of using and monitoring them;
      • Principles of keyword search;
      • Creating links (LinkBuilding) and their types.

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