Attracting clients and optimizing the website for them for WordPress designers

Instructor: Sama,

Number of Sessions: 20 Sessions

Attracting clients and optimizing the website for them Course Sections:

    • Principles of writing a proposal and presenting it to the customer;
    • Principles of website pricing and design based on customer needs;
    • Create options for easier management of the website by the user;
    • Manage plugins, integrate and delete extras;
    • Branding on the login and dashboard page;
    • Customize the appearance of the WordPress dashboard;
    • Determine the access level of different roles:
      • For managers;
      • For translators;
      • For editors;
      • For public users.
    • Display website statistics;
    • Monitor multiple websites simultaneously;
    • Specify access by the user to edit specific elements in pages;
    • Customer management (website applicant) with CRM solutions;
    • Principles of customer training:
      • Online learning software;
      • Desktop display software.

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